Duties, Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

  • Ensure Weatherford's Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental fully implemented and sustained across all areas of responsibility.

  • Preparing of Thru tubing work

  • Delegation of Thru tubing work

  • Personnel utilization

  • Control of work carried out

  • Ensure proper and correct instructions and procedures are in use

  • Work out final reports, including corrective action and near-miss accident reports

  • Ensure work is carried out in accordance with instructions from customer and internal requirements

  • Meet budget revenue and margin targets

  • Control costs within limit of budget

  • Meet specific goals and objectives to be mutually agreed upon

  • Assist in preparation of tenders for single deliveries as well as contracts

  • Motivate personnel and secure that all work is carried out in a safe manner, including usage of protective measures

  • Attend planning and safety meetings

  • Travel onshore or offshore for supervision of TT operations as and when required

  • Maintain effective levels of cooperation with all internal customers.

QHSE Duties & Responsibilities:

  • The inclusion of QHSE considerations when issuing day-to-day job instructions.

  • Promptly responding to all reports of unsafe conditions, unsafe activities, accidents, near misses,and SAFE START which are received from subordinates and other persons.

  • Taking prompt corrective action and advising management accordingly with regard to unsafe and unhealthy procedures, methods, facilities, equipment and substances.

  • Encouraging personal QHSE awareness among individual subordinates, the collective workforceand any personnel subcontracted to WFT.

  • Adequately and promptly investigating and reporting all accidents and near misses.

  • Ensuring that all work for which you have a supervisory responsibility, whether executed by WFTemployees or subcontractors, is carried out with full regard to the applicable QHSE procedures.

  • Personally confirming that all persons, whether WFT or subcontractor employees, who are engaged in activities, on facilities for which you have a supervisory responsibility, arecompetent to safely execute the required work, and that the applicable Operating and QHSEProcedures are communicated, understood and in place.

  • Advising your workforce and any other persons at risk, of any potential QHSE hazards arising from the work activities, which fall within your supervisory scope.

  • Ensuring that your subordinates and any WFT subcontractors make correct use of personalprotective clothing and equipment and that the equipment so used is suitably rated with consideration to the hazards involved.

  • Ensuring that safety and emergency equipment, whether portable or installed, is maintained in a safe operable condition and that such equipment is correctly used.

  • Checking that all facilities, tools and equipment, in use within your area of super-visor responsibilityis in a safe operable condition.

  • Ensuring that any tools, equipment and vehicles, brought into your area of the Company operation by subcontractors, and intended for use on behalf of WFT are in a safe operable condition.

  • Holding regular QHSE meetings with your workforce and, where applicable, other persons, such as contractors, subcontractors and vendors representatives.

  • Conducting regular inspections and audits of the facilities under your control in order to identify and eliminate hazards to health, safety and the environment.

  • Participation in the follow-up and close-out of inspection and audit findings.

  • Responsible for QHSES and EEP operations for his relevant functions.


  • Field service supervisors

  • Workshop Personnel

  • Administration Personnel

Required Skills:

  • Communication Skills

  • Management Skills

  • English Skills (Read & Write)

  • Computer literacy

  • Weatherford operation and equipment knowledge

Required Education:

  • Degree

  • Technical qualification.

Required Experience:

  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in Running and Operating Thru Tubing Equipment (2 of which in Supervisory capacity).

  • Coil Tubing Supervisor

  • Wireline /Slickline Supervisor

  • FRE operations