Vinnell Arabia Aviation Maintenance Liaison in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Reports to the Aviation Maintenance Division Manager. Responsible for: Monitoring all Aviation maintenance activities for UH60/AH64/AH6i/ALSE/AGSE from CONUS location Huntsville, Alabama. Coordinates aviation logistics and supply chain management (SCM) as required with the Aviation Logistics Team and serves as the OCONUS liaison interface with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM), FMS PM’s, OPM, and DLA for matters relating to maintenance, airframes, warranties, technical clarification. Develops program relationships with OCONUS stakeholders and enterprise as required. Monitors all ASAM’s AMAM’s and other technical messages providing written analysis to OCONUS managers. Analyzes readiness reports and provides estimated manufacture status dates and shipping dates as required to daily status reports.

A. Duties/responsibilities:

  1. Daily monitoring of maintenance status and providing input as required to accurate estimated completion dates and provide technical guidance as required.

  2. Responsible for monitoring of maintenance systems, processes, procedures and reports that provide immediate situational awareness of platform OR rates.

  3. Assists maintenance organizational goals, objectives and priorities for implementation in order to achieve stated OR rates.

  4. Provides assistance and technical expertise for investigations, and research analysis related to aviation maintenance and supporting maintenance activities

  5. Responsible for analyzing maintenance training goals and analyzing technical training strategy.

  6. Responsible for vetting resumes for all technical skills.

B. Independence: Performs within the broad guidelines of duties and responsibilities with significant choice of methods. Authority to select and implement goals and objectives within the execution of duties and responsibilities.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: Report directly to the Aviation Maintenance Division Manager or Deputy as required.


*A. Education Level: *Associates Degree or equivalent military education.

B. Experience: 15 years’ experience in US Military Aviation Operations, Logistics and Maintenance. 5 years program / project management experience desired. US Army Aviation Maintenance and or flight experience desired. Experience with FMS OJT Training desired.

C. Specific knowledge, skill, and ability requirements:

  1. Demonstrated knowledge and experience of rotary wing Aviation operations inclusive of maintenance, and Aviation logistics.

  2. Certificates: US Military Aviation Maintenance Course

  3. Demonstrated past performance and experience in leading an organizational staff to achieve organizational goals.

  4. Demonstrated past performance in the development of organizational plans, policies, and operational procedures.

  5. Past experience with logistics expediting.

  6. Past experience with AMCOM and PEO agencies and understanding of foreign military sales and non-standard platforms.

*D. Other: *

  1. Ability to communicate both orally and written.

  2. Ability to effectively deal with people in the coordination of staff and team members.

  3. Ability to effectively communicate with the customer in a professional and courteous manner. * *

E. Possesses a valid driver’s license

ID: 2017-2308

Location: SA-Riyadh

Category: Aviation Maintenance

Hire Type: New