Alstom Cable Tray Installation Leader in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Date: 18-Jun-2017

Location: Riyadh, SA

Company: Alstom

Job Title & Purpose

Job Title

Construction Coordinator

Purpose of the Job

Alstom Transport as member of the FAST consortium is in charge of providing the Transit System for the package 3 of the project of construction of the Riyadh metro.

The Construction Coordinator will be in charge of coordinating the interface with the Civil Contractor as well as the ALSTOM subsystems for the Metro Line that he/she is assigned to and conduct all necessary actions related to Organization issues, Reporting, Planning, and Support of Construction activities.

Position in the Organisation

Organisation Chart

Cable tray Project Manager

Organisational Reporting

This post reports hierarchically to the Cable Tray Project Manager.



  1. Provide all necessary support to the Cable Tray Project Manager in the proper planning and coordination of activities

  2. Ensure the coordination and the surveillance of the works in the area of the project assigned to him, including the work of any subcontractor

  3. Ensure the implementation of progress monitoring and cost of all items concerning the construction activities and compare to planned durations, budgets and productivities

  4. Consolidate data from all the constructors in order to manage the work scheduling

  5. Ensure reporting of construction progress to the Cable Tray Project Manager

  6. Keep detailed records of all activities and events that occur in work areas (daily site report updates)

  7. Implement the Project Quality Documentation for all construction activities

  8. Assist the Cable Tray Project Manager with all necessary communication with the external stakeholders and ensure availability of all the documentation required for construction

  9. Enforce the observance of the Health and Safety Management Plan and Environmental Plan

  10. Enforce training of all individuals acting on the field on HSE requirements

  11. Monitor the observance of the stipulations laid down in the Project Quality Documentation by the site management team

  12. Contribute to the coordination of Testing and Commissioning activities of all the areas still under construction responsibility

  13. Coordinate all kind of deleveries (materials, equipments, etc...)

Candidate Requirements

Educational Requirements

Engineering Degree in Construction Management or Engineering Related Field.

Desired Knowledge / Experience

  1. Fluent in the use of Microsoft office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)

  2. Fluent in the use of ACAD

Behavioural Skills / Competencies

  1. Ability to operate in an international and multi-lingual environment

  2. Good communication skills

  3. English is essential, French a plus.

Terms & Conditions

Job Location

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


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