Vinnell Arabia IT ULLSA(e) Administrator in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Responsible for: Reports to the Aviation Maintenance Division Manager and Deputy. Responsible to manage IT infrastructure that supports SharePoint and Logistics Automation systems such as ULSS A (e) and SCP. Supporting the daily maintenance operations data recording at the Division Manager level for Unit rollup purposes. The ULLS-A(e) Technician prepares maintenance requests, evaluations, special reports, and records pertaining to aircraft maintenance, component repair, and other related activities. The ULLS-A(e) Technician utilizes DA PAM 738-751, AR 700-138 and TC 3-04.7 to compile, record, and make available to the SANG AVN production data such as production volume, materials records, detailed parts list, production processes, labor, tooling, acceptance test procedures, production flow, and quality control.

A. Duties/responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the establishment of ULLSA(e) maintenance systems, processes, procedures and reports (daily, monthly, yearly) that provide immediate situational awareness of platform OR rates.

  2. Establish daily ULLSA(e) maintenance organizational goals, objectives and priorities for implementation in order to achieve stated OR rates.

  3. In coordination with production control and the VA Aviation Logistics supervisor establish the daily ULLSA(e) maintenance support plan.

  4. Maintains internet services and coordinates IT repairs and procurement.

  5. Perform additional duties and responsibilities as required

*B. Independence: *Authority to select and implement goals and objectives within the execution of ULLSA(e) duties and responsibilities.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: none


A. Education Level: High school diploma

B. Experience: Minimum 3 years in ULLS-A(e) in Army aviation organizations. Requires a thorough understanding of computer operating systems and internet infrastructure. Experience maintaining server and IT hardware required.

C. Specific knowledge, skill, and ability requirements: Knowledgeable Be able to use aviation enterprise logistics systems e.g. ULLS-A, computer-hosted interactive technical manuals, aircraft maintenance forms, and other aircraft related documentation

D. Ability to communicate in English. Work safely and an ability to work well with others.

E. Be able to use the Microsoft Office Suite to prepare various reports, charts, and other related documents.

ID: 2017-2311

Location: SA-Riyadh

Category: Aviation Maintenance

Hire Type: New