Alstom Power Supply Interface and Industrialisation Manager in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Date: 09-May-2017

Location: Riyadh, 01, SA

Company: Alstom

Power Supply Interface and Industrialisation Manager

Job Title & Purpose

Job Title: Power Supply Interface, and Industrialisation Manager

Purpose of the Job:

The Infrastructure Interface and Industrialisation Manager reports directly to the TSY POS Project Manager for Metro Lines 4,5 and 6.

Effective information exchange and coordination between project stakeholders is crucial to ensure the successful execution of Riyadh Metro project for lines 4, 5 & 6. The large number of participants and internal and external technical interfaces implies multiple coordination challenges to meet the Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD) targets of the project.

The role of the POS Interface and Industrialisation Manager is to identify, analyse and resolve these challenges for the Power Supply (POS), sub-system - through a structured process leading to early definition of solutions and mitigation measures and effective execution with the support of technical teams Onshore and Offshore and under the direction of the POS Project Management.

Interfacing with the QC team will be a key element of the work, allowing to perform return of experience of the work performed. These return of experiences are part of the Continuous Improvement Process which shall be capitalised through a database, application allowing the information to be spread with in the organisation. Furthermore the capitalisation shall be translated in processes / design instructions.

Solutions will have to be developed in order to industrialise POS installation and project execution. Close work will have to be performed with the installation team in order to identify room of improvement allowing an efficient and cost effective way of working. All these solutions shall comply and improve the safety of the people working on the project through proper EHS oriented solution.

State of the art solution shall be developed in order to smooth all the reporting process.

Position in the Organisation

Organisation Chart




Organisational Reporting

Hierachical reporting:This post reports hierarchically to TSY POS Manager



The main roles and responsibilities of the position involve:

Manage interface between Installation and engineering team

Propose technical solutions to the stake holders (engineering, PM, installation) for the industrialisation

Coordinate the deployment of the improvement solution (hardware, software)

Ensure the life cycle of the implemented solution.

Established KPI to illustrate the Cost improvement of the industrialisation solutions

Interface with the stakeholders in order to develop and adapt the process

Technical support to sourcing teams in the selection and qualification of subcontractors for the solution to be implemented.

Candidate Requirements

Educational Requirements

Postgraduate Engineering diploma

Desired Knowledge / Experience

  1. Solution oriented

  2. Mechanical knowledge for industrialisation solutions

  3. Able to develop application solution for mobiles

  4. Software: Word, Excel, Power Point, Java, SQL, HTML

  5. Language : technical English

Behavioural Skills / Competencies

  1. Experience in team management

  2. Communication skills

  3. Innovation oriented, out of box thinking

  4. Analytic mind-set

  5. Perseverance and initiative taking

  6. Autonomy

  7. Transparency

Terms & Conditions

Job Location

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Job Segment: Supply, Developer, Manager, Java, Database, Operations, Technology, Management

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