Vinnell Arabia Senior Logistician in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Supervises, coordinates, and monitors the scheduling, financial, and technical performance of the Vinnell Arabia Aviation Logistics/Supply Chain Management (ALSCM) organization. Ensures that supply chain functional activities and procedures are planned, coordinated, integrated, synchronized, and executed to achieve established platform operational readiness (OR) rates in accordance with contractual requirements.

A. Duties/responsibilities:

  1. Administer supply chain operations, including requisition and inventory of materials as well as supervision of staff.

  2. Make recommendations to improve productivity, quality, and efficiency of operations; coordinate and resolves issues.

  3. Manage ordering, purchasing, inventory control, and distribution of aviation spares and consumables; administer warranty program.

  4. Manage the organization's forecast planning function using inventory levels, production speed, and product demand to estimate output; work with OEM and customers to determine optimal inventory levels.

  5. Responsible for overseeing warehousing, shipping, receiving, and handling of materials; supervise transport of materials; assist in coordination of day-to-day operations of organization.

  6. Oversee the development of quality standards and protocols for quality assurance testing; assist in the design and implementation of policies and procedures for testing and evaluating the precision and accuracy of materials and/or equipment.

  7. Supervise the disposal/recycling of items beyond economical repair (BER); oversee aviation oil analysis program (AOAP).

  8. Manage technical training program for Saudi students; determine training objectives; write training POI; administer written and practical exams; write performance reports to evaluate trainees

  9. Plan, direct, and manage operations utilizing IMOPS; interpret results using a variety of techniques; generate reports.

  10. Unload incoming inventory from trucks; stock inventory into shelf locations; pick inventory for issue to maintenance personnel or exchange for shipment to repair station; operate heavy equipment.

  11. Perform inventory cycle counts; research missing parts to find current locations; ensure all warehouse personnel follow policies and procedures for inventory-handling.

  12. All other duties as assigned.

B. Independence: Performs within the broad guidelines of duties and responsibilities with significant choice of methods. Authority to select and implement goals and objectives within the execution of duties and responsibilities.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: Supervises, trains, and directs students assigned to ALSCM organization; directs staff as necessary.


A. Education Level: Bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent years of relevant experience required. Graduate of US Army Aviation Officer Advanced Course, Combined Logistics Officer Advance Course, Warrant Advanced Course, Advanced Noncommissioned Officer’s Course, or master’s degree desired.

B. Experience: 10 years of broad-based experience in the field of supply chain management required. Former commissioned officer (AOCs 88A, 88B, 90A, 91A, 92A), NCO (MOS 92Z), or warrant officer (WOMOS 920B) desired.

*C. Specific knowledge, skill, and ability requirements: *Aviation supply chain experience required; US Army Aviation logistics/supply chain experience preferred. US Army service school instructor or civilian equivalent teaching experience for logistics desired. Certificates: Army Aviation supply certification or civilian equivalent desired. Proficient with Microsoft Office to include Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Participates in meetings and conferences, as required. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and written. Ability to deal effectively with people in the supervision of staff. Ability to effectively communicate with the customer in a professional and courteous manner. Strong organizational and work management skills. Possess a valid driver’s license.

ID: 2017-2418

Location: SA-Riyadh

Category: Aviation Institutional Training Division (AITD)