Vinnell Arabia Senior Tech Supply Technicians Trainer Calibration Trainers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Responsible for performing duties as an Aviation Calibration Room Technician Trainer for the Aviation tool room. Conduct initial and concurrent training and evaluation of MNG and Vinnell Arabia aviation personnel in accordance with the customer requirements and US Army Aviation Training Manuals.

Conduct academic and hands-on performance training and administer evaluations to ensure technician’s proficiency and standardization of training. Responsible for maintaining Individual Job Books, Automated Training Files, and completing required training, recertification, and readiness entries.

Instruction may include any combination of Individual or Group instruction in an academic classroom/warehouse and or tool room environment. Furthermore, instruction will include Order, receive, inspect, stow, preserve, package, ship and issue tools and eqipment. Additionally, it is preferred that applicant have experience in the aviation logistics field operations and must have completed a course of instruction for aviation logistics at an authorized Aviation Proponent School or civilian equivalent. Ensures that all related maintenance operations are conducted in a safe manner.

A. Duties/responsibilities:

  1. Train and evaluate Aviation Logistics Technicians on the calibration process in accordance with the appropriate Logistics TM’s. Perform additional duties as Warehouse Supervisor, Tool Room Attendant and or Tech Supply Supervisor.

  2. Ensures that the tool maintenance functional activities and procedures among designated VA organizations are planned, coordinated, integrated, and synchronized to achieve established platform operational readiness (OR) rates IAW contractual requirements.

  3. Responsible for the compliance with established tool maintenance systems, processes, procedures.

  4. Establishes daily tool maintenance processes to achieve operational goals, objectives and priorities.

  5. Oversees the daily tool maintenance management in support of the Aviation Maintenance Manager. works with PSI team to ensure tool calibration parts and spares.

  6. Works within the maintenance quality control processes, procedures, standards.

  7. Reports to direct inquires, investigations, and research analysis related to aviation tool maintenance to the Aviation Maintenance Manager.

  8. Other duties as assigned

B. Independence: Performs within the broad guidelines of duties and responsibilities with significant choice of methods. Authority to select and implement goals and objectives within the execution of duties and responsibilities.


A. Education Level: High school diploma required; Associates degree preferred. Military: Graduate of Army Aviation Logistics course or civilian equivalent required. US Army Warrant Officer preferred.

B. Experience: Former Aviation Logistics Supervisor experience required. 15-20 years’ experience in Army Aviation Logistics Operations preferred. Experience within the last 2 years required.

C. Specific knowledge, skill, and ability requirements:

  1. Demonstrated knowledge and experience of rotary wing Aviation operations inclusive of tool and calibration maintenance, Aviation logistics (to include package POL), flight operations and training.

  2. USG or civilian equivalent training in corrosion prevention and control (CPC) programs or CPC representative for an organization. Proficient in the use of computer-hosted interactive technical manuals, aircraft maintenance forms, and other aircraft related documentation.

  3. Demonstrated past performance and experience working with aircraft tools, property/materials accountability, managing a calibration program for aviation related TMDE items, and employing corrosion control procedures

  4. Ability to effectively communicate with the customer in a professional and courteous manner.

ID: 2017-2455

Location: SA-Riyadh

Category: Aviation Logistics