Vinnell Arabia Vehicle/GSE Maintenance Repairer QC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Responsible for Functioning as the Vehicle and GSE section Maintenance Quality Control, technical inspector under the direction of the GSE Maintenance Manager. Quality control inspector of all specific vehicle and AGSE equipment. Determines requirement to conduct a Post scheduled maintenance checks on all serviced vehicles and appropriate AGSE, and provides inspection criteria interpretation to maintenance staff. Assists Publications library tech in maintaining a current technical library and applicable forms and records. Functions as the site technical and compliance documentation administrator. Establishes the maintenance quality control processes, procedures, standards, measures, reports in support of the maintenance program for all maintenance activities. Ensures that all related quality control procedures are conducted in a safe manner.

A. Duties/Responsibilities:

  1. Ensures that maintenance quality control functional activities and procedures among designated VA organizations are planned, coordinated, integrated, and synchronized to achieve established platform operational readiness (OR) rates IAW contractual requirements.

  2. Responsible for the establishment of maintenance Quality Control processes, procedures, records and reports, that provide immediate situational awareness of GSE and assigned vehicles OR rates.

  3. Maintains all GSE Maintenance records.

  4. Establish the maintenance quality control processes, procedures, standards, measures, reports in support of the maintenance program.

  5. Responsible for establishing Corrosion Prevention procedures and monitors corrosion throughout all GSE

  6. Reports to directed inquires, investigations, and research analysis related to Quality control maintenance processes and supporting maintenance activities, to the GSE Maintenance Manager.

  7. Supports the Airfield Foreign Object Debris program

  8. Perform other tasks as assigned.

B. Independence:Performs within the broad guidelines of duties and responsibilities with significant choice of methods. Authority to provide input to the Vehicle/GSE Maintenance Manager to assist with selecting and implementing goals and objectives within execution of duties and responsibilities.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: None


A. Education Level:

  1. Civilian High School diploma or equivalent

  2. Vocational Training in Aviation Ground Support Equipment (AGSE) maintenance

B. Experience:

  1. Minimum of Five (5) years’ experience at the journeyman level in Quality Control of AGSE Maintenance facility.

  2. Must have been a supervisor in an AGSE Maintenance section for 2 years.

C. Specific knowledge, skills, and ability:

  1. Knowledgeable in working with technical maintenance manuals.

  2. Ability to communicate in English.

  3. Able to follow instructions. Lift and carry 20 kilos

  4. Possesses a valid driver’s license

ID: 2017-2436

Location: SA-Riyadh

Category: Aviation Training & Support