Johnson Controls Industrial Refrigeration Techcnicins in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia

-Maintains and repairs Industrial Refrigeration systems malfunctions requiring specific technical knowledge and relevant qualifications as well as an understanding on time and material requirements. Seeks clarification and technical support where needed and escalates issues as appropriate such as:

· Start‐up procedure, shutdown procedure and the function of each part built on refrigeration plants specially the compressor package.

· AbletoUnderstands and analyzesAll parameters shall monitor during operation and each parameter indication function

· Charge oil for Compressor Package (procedure, types , quantity , purpose of lubrication and results & indication due to lack of lubrication)

· Greases procedure for compressor motor bearing (procedure, types , quantity , purpose of lubrication and results & indication due to lack of lubrication

· Ability understand and work with different HIM and Standalone Controllers and SCADA System

· Skilled of servicing the compressor such as changing shaft seal, replace oil filter, replace suction strainer, Alignments...etc

· Ability of Valve Service and repair with different brands Such as Danfoss ,Parcker ,AWP and Emerson

· Ability of Refrigerant and water Pumps Service , identify the problem of operation and parts wears

· Ability of execution Pump down , Vacuum and pressure test for refrigeration plants

-Ensures compliance and full Knowledge and Understands for technical documents such as electrical schemes, fluid schemes, piping diagrams, Operation manuals such as

· knowledge of industrial refrigeration systems (refrigeration cycles ) single and two stages Simple refrigeration cycle,Two stage Refrigeration plan with flash economizer tank,Two stage Refrigeration cycle with sub‐cooler,Two stage Refrigeration cycle with inter‐cooler,Refrigeration cycle with subcooler‐incooler

· Condensers, fans, drives and motors

· Evaporators, fans, motors, and fins and drain lines drain heater

· Water treatment and water treatment systems

· Defrost systems (hot gas systems, heater systems

· Gas braze welding

· Housekeeping, safety and other informational meetings, including related activities

· Documents work completed in a clear and concise way and promptly submits service reports

  • -other*

· In addition to the above mentioned tasks, other activities and responsibilities may be individually defined

· Maintains and improves technical proficiency in Johnson Control’s

· Communicates with customer upon arrival and before leaving the work site. Meets regularly with customer to become familiar with operating problems and reach full understanding of customer needs

· Ensures compliance with the Johnson Controls safety culture and adheres to all applicable safety standards, requirements and equipment

· *HSEE: *_ _ Follow all HSE requirements that are defined on work instructions or communicated in training. - Follow required emergency prevention and operational controls - Report all accidents, occupational illnesses and emergencies · *Quality: - *Apply, execute and maintain function related BOS issues - In addition to the above mentioned tasks other activities and responsibilities may be - individually defined.
  • 3 years Technical industrial Diploma after Secondary school / Upper –intermediate Diploma two years after high School associated engineer specialized in HVAC&R.

    • Minimum 5-7Years in the industrial refrigeration plant such as ( ammonia )


Job: *Field Operations

Organization: *BE Middle East

Title: Industrial Refrigeration Techcnicins

Location: SA-Saudi Arabia-Jeddah

Requisition ID: 158122